Azgaard Systems Provides Collaboration Services for Associations

Azgaard Systems provides services to help association members network and collaborate more effectively by using Google Apps and Google Sites.

Google Sites provides organizations with the ability to create web sites on demand to use in serving the needs of different groups in their organization. Azgaard Systems provides planning, development, deployment and training services to help organizations understand how to use Google Sites to best serve the needs of their organization.

Member based associations are typically organized in a complex network of local, regional and national groups. Traditionally each part of the association had to rely on its own volunteers and staff to provide any kind of web-based tools to their members at that level in the association. With the advent of Google Apps with Google Sites, member based associations can now provide each sub-organization with the necessary tools to effectively support networking and collaboration amongst its members.

Google Sites are available to individuals and organizations. By combining Google Sites with Google Apps, organizations can now harness the power of their communications infrastructure, their online document collaboration tools by making those documents and communications available through sites, tailored to the security and application needs of various groups in the organization.